Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a type of surfing where the rider stands on the board when the wave comes and uses a paddle to propel through the water. The most crucial equipment one needs to engage in SUP is the board. If you are considering SUP board hire, below are some tips to guide you. 

Determine the type of SUP board you want.

There are various types of SUP boards, each with its specific use:

  • Surfboards are specific for surfing. They are narrow in shape which makes it easy for you to maneuver through the wave. However, they are slow and unstable on flat water due to their design.
  • All-around boards are thick, wide and long. They offer stability and glide with ease on flat water. As such, they are the most suitable boards for beginners. You can either surf or tour on them.
  • Flatwater boards are designed for use on flat water. They are perfect for touring but cannot be used for surfing.
  • Race boards are a type of flat water board that is designed for racing.
  • Other types of boards are the fishing boards that are designed to offer maximum stability for people that love fishing. Yoga boards are designed for people that would like to practice yoga on flat water.

Inflatable or epoxy?

Epoxy SUP boards are made from solid materials such as fibreglass. Inflatable SUP boards are made from PVC; you inflate the board when you want to use it and deflate it after use. While the epoxy board is best in performance, it presents storage and transportation challenges. The inflatable SUP board is easy to store and transport. Its main disadvantage is the fact that you will have to inflate and deflate it before and after use.

Where will you hire the board?

Various stores are advertising SUP board hire online. Ensure that the store has positive reviews from customers. You can also ask friends and family to recommend a place you can hire the board.

What are the terms of hiring?

Visit the store and inquire:

  • What is the price of hiring the SUP board?
  • For how long can you hire the SUP board?
  • What happens if the board gets damaged?
  • What happens when you overstay with the board?

When considering SUP board hire, determine what kind of board you want, whether you prefer an epoxy or inflatable board, where you will hire the board, and the terms of hiring the board.