A mistake made by most people when buying electric bicycles is that they purchase the bikes based on their pricing. As such, they may not get a bike that meets all their particular wants. In reality, your guiding principle when buying an e-bike is its features. So, what features should you consider when purchasing an electric bike? Read the excerpt below.

1. Bike Styling And Design

A quick internet search will reveal that electric bicycles come in various designs. Each of these designs meets a specific need. For instance, a mountain e-bike will have wide tires to allow you to ride with ease on rough terrain. Conversely, a commuter e-bike has narrow tires that reduce air resistance, thus allowing faster riding. Cruiser bikes have a comfortable seat coupled with a suspension system to ensure smooth riding. 

2. Size Of The Bike

What is your ideal bike size? The size of your legs and trunk will determine which bike is suitable for your body size. Most dealers will conduct bike fitting to help you choose an appropriate bike size. However, if you intend to purchase the bike on the internet, you can rely on online guides to determine the perfect size. 

3. Motor And Battery

The primary reason why people buy e-bikes is that they come with a pedal-assist feature that prevents body strain as they ride the bike. The bikes are powered by a motor that assists the rider when cycling. In return, this motor is powered by a battery. When buying the bike, check the size of the motor. A large motor allows you to attain high speeds, ride in rough terrain and conquer steep inclines. On the other hand, a large battery keeps the motor powered for longer periods. Some bikes will have a spare battery to be used if the primary battery runs out of power. 

4. Weight

The bike's weight will be an essential consideration if you will have to lift it during storage. A heavy bike could be an inconvenience if you have to carry it up a flight of stairs. If this is your case, go for a lightweight foldable e-bike. The folding bike will allow you to save on storage space. Besides, it is inconspicuous if you store it in your office or inside your house. 

When buying an e-bike, consider its styling, size, motor and battery size, and weight of the bike. Purchase your e-bike from accredited dealers that offer free shipping and warranties.