Thinking of buying a used boat? The following is a comprehensive guide that will ensure you buy the right kind of boat, in excellent condition, and at a reasonable price. 

What type of boat do you need? 

There are many reasons that people buy boats. To determine what kind of boat you require, ask yourself the following questions;

  • How many passengers would you want on the boat?
  • Do you want somewhere you can hold parties and sleep, or do you need the boat exclusively for transport services?
  • Do you want a vessel you can store at home, or one you leave on the water?
  • What kind of power do you need? If you need a boat for water sports activities, then you should buy one with a supercharged engine.
  • Do you intend to fish on the boat?
  • Do you intend to travel for long distances? 

Do some research on the durability of the boat, the availability of spare parts and repair shops in your locality. 

Shopping for a boat. 

Take your time when shopping for a boat. You may shop outside your area of residence but be wary of transport costs to your location. Many websites list used boats for sale. Ensure that you specify the type of boat you want in your search -- otherwise, you will end up confused. Identify a few boats that you like, and make plans to view them. You can also decide to visit boat dealerships in your locality. 

Inspecting the boat.  

Inspect the following areas on the boat:

  • Check for engine leaks -- these could be a sign of worn out seals.
  • Move the propeller with your hand -- if it wobbles, do not purchase the boat.
  • Inspect the boat's body and underneath for dents and scratches. While mild scratches are acceptable, deep scratches and dents are signs of a poorly maintained boat.
  • The boat's upholstery should be in good condition. Some kinds of wear are acceptable, as you can quickly get repairs.
  • The boat's wiring should be intact. All electrical units should be working.
  • Inspect the engine and oil. If you notice water in the oil, do not buy the boat.

Buying the boat. 

Always insist on a discount when buying a used boat. Do not be afraid to pit sellers against each other, or use some of the boat's faults as a bargaining ground. Most sellers will want to strike a deal with you if they think that you are a serious customer. 

When buying a used boat, decide what kind of boat you want, shop around, inspect the vessel and ask for a discount when purchasing.