Trying to find a present for your your loved ones seems to become a harder and harder task as the years go by. If you have a teenager that already has plenty of the latest games and clothes that they could ever hope to want, then you might be stuck for options. Electric scooters are the perfect mix of new-age technology and outdoor fun, ensuring your kids have to spend some time outside and get some exercise. 

What Are the Capabilities of Electric Scooters?

There are different models of varying horsepower and battery life, but for the most part your teenager will never be able to reach speeds that could hurt them. Most of them have a 25 to 30 km maximum speed, and it takes a long straight road to even get close to that speed, making it a rare occurrence. Generally electric scooters will be going a few times quicker than walking speed, like a steady jog. Battery life is generally measured in the total distance you can ride an electric scooter, and most last somewhere between 10 to 50 km. The more you are willing to pay, the larger the range.

Why Not an Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboards are another popular type of device that is a similar type of gift idea, but they have several distinct disadvantages when compared to electric scooters:

  • Electric scooters have much longer maximum distance than skateboards of a comparable price 
  • Electric scooters are easier to control and learn how to ride, and they are generally safer
  • Electric skateboards are more expensive overall 

Basically everything you could get out of an electric skateboard, you can get out of an electric scooter. They have similar top speeds, and that also makes skateboards more dangerous because they don't have the same easy steering that a scooter does.

A Viable Method for Travel

Perhaps the best feature of an electric scooter for the parents is that it lets your teenager pretty much travel wherever they want (locally) without your needing to drop them off. For teenagers who aren't able to apply for a licence yet, this can be a major blessing. They want to go to their friends, but you are too busy? No problem, just use the electric scooter. All it takes is a few hours of charge, and they can be on their way. This also gives them a bit more responsibility, so a scooter can be a valuable tool for them to learn some of the basic road rules and how to be safe when operating a vehicle, even one as small as a scooter.

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