Dirt bikes are an instant favourite for most autocross enthusiasts. These bikes are reliable, robust and durable. Motocross newbies and people on a budget could opt to purchase a used dirt bike. Read this extract for some tips on how to buy a used dirt bike.

Your first task to find a bike that suits your needs. You will need to consider the following: 

  • The engine capacity. Small bikes come with a 125cc engine. You could opt for a 449cc single-cylinder engine if you need a larger bike.
  • Weight and build quality. Premium dirt bikes have a lightweight aluminium chassis and high-quality suspension. They could also have front and rear disk brakes.
  • Standard dirt bikes are not road legal. Go for a dual sports bike if you intend to use the dirt bike on the road.
  • Dirt bike accessories such as electric starters, fuel injection and adjustable handlebars will significantly ease your riding. 

When buying a used bike, you could opt for modified dirt bikes. Some common modifications include high-performance tires, aftermarket exhausts, high-quality sprockets and clutches. Some people will also adjust or change the position of the controls to ease how you operate the bike. Off-road enthusiasts will go a step further and modify the bike's engine. For example, they might tune the ECU for enhanced performance, install bigger fuel injectors and adjust the bike's gearing. 

Check e-commerce websites and visit local dealerships to get an idea of how much the bike costs. Prices will vary depending on the model and condition of the used bike. A pre-purchase inspection will help you examine the condition of the used bikes. If you are a new buyer, ask an experienced mechanic to help you inspect the bike. The assessment will check the condition of the engine. Leaks and starting problems are an indication of severe engine problems. If the bike has had engine modifications, the inspection will inform you of the parts used and whether the improvements have any impact on the performance of the engine. Check the functionality of the suspension, braking and transmission systems. 

Once you find a suitable bike, evaluate the terms and conditions of the seller. For instance, do they provide guarantees once you purchase the bike? When buying online, check whether shipping charges and taxes are included in the purchase price. 

Buying a used dirt bike could not be any easier. Choose a suitable model, inquire about modifications, conduct a pre-purchase inspection and check the terms of sale.

For more information about dirt bikes, such as Honda dirt bikes for sale in your area, contact a local dealership.